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We offer both instant in-surgery power whitening, as well as home kits so that you can control the process according to your requirements. Teeth whitening is simple, safe and effective. 


A beautiful smile is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. Your smile can have a dramatic affect on your confidence and sense of well being. A study has shown that when teeth have been whitened they can make you look over 10 years younger!

Tooth whitening is essentially a purification treatment aimed at taking colours out, not putting white in. Each patient has a baseline that they can achieve.

We use two techniques to achieve our goals:



With this treatment you take home a top-up kit to help maximise and maintain your enhanced smile

£550 (Refresher £350)



2 to 3 week gel-in-tray treatments


For both we will guide you through the process and review your progress, making sure that maximise your potential.


Afterwards why not consider our whitening membership package, which is aimed to keep you topped up and dazzling.

Will whitening damage my teeth?


Tooth whitening (supplied by our clinic) does not damage your teeth, in fact it is of benefit to your gum health and was stumbled upon by accident whilst treating a gum infection in 1989.

Whitening gels only lighten the colour of your natural teeth to their base colour. The thicker your enamel, the whiter the tooth after treatment. Generally the necks of the teeth always remain the darkest parts, as less light is able to transmit through these parts and enamel is at its thinnest or obsolete. Restorations, crowns and veneers do not whiten and may need to be replaced if you want them whiter.

On average we lose 10% of brightness a year, but the amount of dark food items you eat will affect your stability. We suggest that carry out occasional ‘top-up’ treatments to help maintain your whiteness.

Tooth whitening can cause some teeth to become sensitive. This is nothing to worry about as it indicates that the gels have soaked through to the inner tooth and are interacting with the nerve tissues - this is totally safe. After a short while, the nerves settle down and do not react. There are some desensitizing pastes that can be used to counteract this when it occurs.

Which method is the best?


Whitening agents generally work best when they are allowed to soak over long periods and we find that home kits achieve their aims 99% of the time.


Using the latest in-surgery technology, Zoom! power whitening has never been better. It will not give you better results, but gets you white without the hassle in a single session.

Whitening toothpastes generally do not whiten teeth. They are only effective if held in the mouth for more than five minutes and even then, the maximum concentration that they can legally hold is as little as 0.1% active component!


If used as suggested above, they may help to maintain the shade of whitened teeth.

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