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Dental Membership Plans

Membership Plans mean you can keep it simple and keep it regular. Access a membership plan to suit you! Our preventative ethos ensures that the whole team works together to optimise your oral health.

Why sign up for a membership?

Having regular routine check-up sessions with the dentist and meeting with the hygienist every six months enables patients to maintain a healthy mouth. When you join one of our membership plans, your routine care is prepaid, making your dental appointments stress-free and easy. Being part of a membership programme encourages you to keep regular appointments. Regular appointments keep your teeth and gums healthy as there is a higher chance of spotting problems early. Early detection means less complex treatment.

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Membership Plans

All of our membership plans entitle you to free unlimited checks with the dentist, preventative sealants on all necessary teeth, antibiotics for sick teeth(diagnosed by dentist), radiographs (in-house), 10% off treatment fees (non specialist items) and dental shop items.

  1. Maintenance Plan – £20 per month, 2 Hygiene appointments per year.
  2. Gum Care Plan -£30.00 per month, unlimited Hygiene appointments.
  3. Whitening Plan* – £30.00 per month, 3 Hygiene appointments per year, 4 Whitening gels, complimentary trays (*for patients who have undertaken whitening before and would like a top-up scheme to maintain their white teeth).

Membership plans are also available for children over 6 (all children under 6 are free when parents are attending). Bespoke family plans available upon request.

 What is included in the Membership Plan each year?

Dental examinations, complimentary manual toothbrush, sample toothpaste as well as an inter-dental implements recommended by us.
10‰ discount on any additional work you may need including cosmetic treatment
10‰ discount on all purchases from our dental shop
Included in the plans are –

Intra-oral radiographs
Sealants on appropriate teeth
Advice or checks if required between visits (i.e. concerns before going away on a trip).
Antibiotics provided on site when necessary.

N.B. member must stay on the plan for 12 months to qualify for discounts as shown above.

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