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Show off your smile, not your braces! With the Invisalign technique you can have the smile you always wanted, without traditional metal braces. You can eat and drink what you like too. More control, less pain, less snacking, faster than ever!

Invisalign is a fast and effective way to straighten your teeth without much inconvenience to you.  Therefore, it is a good alternative to fixed wire braces. As the name suggests, they are a highly aesthetic way to align your teeth. The treatment involves using thin mouthguards that are see-through, making them virtually invisible when you wear them in the mouth. It brings about changes by using a succession of these thin mouthguards, each programmed to move teeth up to a quarter of a millimetre at a time. Each tray is worn for between 7 and 14 days.

Treatment using Invisalign is generally much less painful as the forces are measured and gentle. It helps that the trays are not actually fixed to your teeth thereby giving some stress relief.

Invisalign will give you more control as the trays are removable. It is easier to clean your teeth and regular flossing is recommended. You don’t have to wear them when eating or drinking. They will help you to stop snacking!

In order for treatment to be a success, it is recommended to wear the trays 22 hours of the day.


Often, with traditional orthodontics, teeth will be removed and the spaces closed down. This can lead to a smaller arc and a less aesthetic outcome. The minor intricate details regarding aesthetics are often lost in this pursuit. Using Invisalign, teeth do not need to be removed.



"We are so much more than tooth straighteners! I have been working with Invisalign since 2002 and completed many cases, including family and friends.


"Being a Cosmetic Dentist as well as gaining a distinction in Prosthodontics, I will look closely at how we can achieve the goal of you having the best and optimal smile at the end of treatment.


"This might mean that we combine other treatments to maximise the end result. Using the Invisalign brand, it means that I will be working closely with the orthodontists in America in order to achieve our goals.


"I have the skills and knowledge to apply certain criteria in order to achieve a “Golden Proportion” and “Aesthetic Balance” to each case. Thus, I will be able to build into your treatment more subtle intricacies for an optimum result.

"Furthermore, after treatment has been completed patients will often require their chipped, worn edges and gaps filled using cosmetic composite bonding. They also always benefit from a whiter appearance through the application of our whitening gels. All of these final touches can be built into the costs and are often included in your Invisalign treatment."

Christopher Sale






£1800 - £4500 with packages to include cosmetic additions if required. Average case costs £3200.

We generally like to complete cases in 140 days, once planning has been completed.



We also offer fixed wire braces. You can choose clear “Ghost” brackets or “silver” brackets together with any coloured bands to give you the look you desire. “Ghost” treatments are almost invisible appliances.






Incredibly fast treatment with results in only 4 to 6 months.
Discreet tooth-coloured wires and brackets only noticeable close up.

No tooth extractions are necessary; the correction is made to the ‘smiling teeth’ rather than the whole bite.






Not as discreet as clear aligners, such as Invisalign.

Fixed braces cannot be removed for meals or teeth cleaning, so a greater level of oral hygiene must be maintained to keep teeth healthy.

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