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Family Dentist

As a family dentist, we believe that in the modern era teeth have never had such good potential and a bright future. As a family dental practice, we look to care for your children and guide you as parents to ensure this dream is a reality.

Children Dentistry

We encourage children to attend the hygienist from a young age. These visits not only keep the mouths of loved ones clean and healthy, but also introduce them to oral procedures that facilitate any necessary future treatments they may need.

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As part of their oral care, we look to include all preventative procedures that we deem to be necessary as part of your payment package for routine clients. These include sealants on prone fissures, hygiene maintenance & radiographs.

At each examination feedback will be provided on the state of the child’s mouth and any areas of concern relayed. Referral to a local orthodontist or use of our in-house invisible braces will ensure developmental anomalies are corrected at the right time.

A small gift or sticker are rewarded to reinforce a positive experience and encourage a drama-free return!


  • Children under 6 (parents regular attendees) – free
  • Examination charge 6-18yrs – £10
  • Examination and hygiene visit – £40
  • Membership fee – £6/month
  • We do a full range of sports-guards and offer a half price replacement if it becomes lost or damaged during the term.  £40£50

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