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Appointments are available for both registered and non-registered patients, ie. anyone is able to access our emergency dental service.


Christopher Sale is contactable via the surgery telephone number, 0131 556 2665.


There is a call-out fee of £180 in order to open the surgery. Treatment charges also apply, for which you will be quoted.

It is recognised that VALID emergencies are:

A broken tooth that affects your smile


Extreme dental pain

Other needs will be assessed as and when the emergency call takes place.

During our working week, you can access our dentist for one-off emergency treatments.


Registered patients should contact the practice in the usual way. For non-registered patients, this session has a fixed price of £180.


The appointment is designed to correct an issue entirely (such as a white filling placement into a broken tooth) or relieve pain. On occasion, a tooth will require follow-up attention (eg. root canal). You will be quoted if further work is necessary at the time of this appointment.


Please contact the practice for more information or to book an appointment on 0131 556 2665.

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