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Dentures (known as Wallies, Falsies or Plates) are used to replace either a few, or all of your missing teeth. The aesthetics are excellent and they can help to fill out your lips to give a more youthful appearance. They tend to be used as a more cost-effective way of filling the gaps.

The teeth themselves are usually plastic and replicate natural teeth perfectly. The bases on which they are mounted can be pink acrylic or thin metal chrome.


Often neighbouring teeth or implants are used to stabilize dentures and provide more confidence and optimal retention.


Design is all important to ensure the best fit and use.




More cost-effective.


Easy to clean.


Easy to repair.

Fill-out the mouth where facial tissues have collapsed.


Implants give patients extra confidence as they help to secure the teeth in place whilst biting firm into foods such as apples and steaks. This confidence will allow you to enjoy foods to the maximum.


An added benefit is that the teeth and gums have optimal access for cleaning.

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