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Cosmetic White Fillings

By using high quality cosmetic white fillings (composite resin- glass ceramic beads embedded in a plastic matrix) to give you an immediate and pleasing cosmetic result on any tooth. This way we can change both the shape and colour of your teeth cost-effectively.

Cosmetic White Fillings

This technique is useful if your teeth have enamel defects, have irregular shapes or have been chipped as a result of trauma or tooth-grinding. These cosmetic white fillings are more cost effective than veneers and can be done in a single appointment. Maintenance and replacements are also easy and cost-effective.

Your teeth can be repaired or modified to dramatically improve their appearance with very little adjustments/damage to your tooth substance.


Cosmetic White Fillings - Boy Before Procedure


Cosmetic White Fillings - Boy After Procedure

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Wax-ups and Prototypes

We are able to play through changes using direct build-ups to help you make decisions. If significant changes are required, then models of your teeth can be taken and the changes made to them so that you can see a before and after outside the mouth. We can then carry these changes to the mouth and see them in-situ before making a commitment.